Boston born, Brooke grew up between the United States and Zimbabwe, Africa.  A former journalist for Pulse and published under assorted noms de plume, Calder is often best remembered for her feminist, spoken word series Burning Shakespeare, which debuted on MPR in 1999. Spotted by Sursumcorda Records entrepreneur David Wesley, she became one of the label's first female talents and an outspoken advocate for artists' rights in the digital age. 

          Calder next embraced a songwriting career, collaborating with Monte Moir (The Time), Rick McCollum (The Afghan Whigs), Phil Solem (The Rembrandts), John Matthews (The Cuban Boys) and more.  Over the next decade, she fronted sister acts POP INCglean and A*O*A, 
produced vocals for Frode Holm and teamed up with Ministry's Duane Buford.


          During the pandemic, Calder penned liner notes for Jean-Marc Lederman's The Hopeless Voyage of The Titanic, created the electronic music imprint Manual Control Records, and published Poems About Boys.  She most recently launched Bits & Bobs Vintage online.  When not treasure hunting, waxing poetic, or playing "Lady Boss" at Manual Control, Brooke is a fan of Art, Cinema, Science Fiction, pointy toe shoes, and occasionally, the Oxford comma.